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Cozy Woolen Items

Regardless of the blossoming spring, the recent freezing air and sharp wind encouraged us to display our knitwear for longer. This year we stocked up on some of our popular handknit accessories such as Beanies, Wrist Warmers and Socks in addition to some new items. For 2019 we have Leg Warmers, Neck Warmers, Comforter Caps and Headbands. These items are all currently on our stall at Totnes Market and will be made available online around the end of the UK summer. If any online customers are interested in any of the wintery products, please contact us and we can send details via emails.

Jumpers and Jerkins have been firm favourite for men, although they are unisex. Due to the handknit nature of these items, the measurements within the sizes can vary. If you are able to come by the market in Totnes on Fridays or Saturdays, you can benefit from trying them for size. For online buyers we try our best to give the actual measurements available so you can work out their size before ordering.