Yakusugi Toki Alpha
Yakusugi Toki Alpha
Yakusugi Toki Alpha

Yakusugi Toki Pendant Alpha


This stylised toki pendant has been crafted from “Yakusugi” and “Ipe”. A “Toki” was a traditional maori tool used as an axe head or pointed tips in weaponry. As a pendant, they represent determination, strength and honour. Handmade by Nathan Schreiber.

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Yakusugi is a Japanese term a particular species of tree that are more than 1000 years old and found only on Yakushima Island, Japan. Ipe is another large tropical hardwood from South America and is also commonly known as Brazilian Ironwood.

The 6 ply cord has been crafted from wax coated hemp thread and the toggle has been carved from Shika deer antler

Pendant Length: 5.2cm
Cord Length: 54cm

Pendant: Yakusugi Wood & Ipe Ironwood
Thread: Hemp
Toggle: Shika Deer Antler