Wooden Lucet


Sorazora’s lucet is just one of our craft tool range and comes complete with clear instructions all presented in a lokta paper envelope.

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This simple craft tool’s history is believed to date back to the Viking Age (790s to 1060’s), when it was used to create cords for practical use. It is ideal for lacing and draw-strings due to its strong and slightly springy characteristics. As it can be used with an unlimited thread length, it is a technique suited for lengthy cords.

All that are needed to start basic braiding are the lucet and a length of yarn. After a simple cast on, the yarn is simply looped and lifted over each prong in turn. When the desired length of cord has been braided, carefully lift the loops and pass the remaining thread tightly through them.

Due to the raw material’s texture and the handmade nature of these tools, some variation in tone and texture may occur.

Lucet length: 8.5cm