Utility Pouch


A truely organic pouch with a multitude of uses.
This utility pouch has been crafted from Himalayan hemp fibre and is ideal for carrying your daily essentials, travel items, make-up etc.

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Both the fabric and the handle strap are handwoven with handspun Himalayan hemp twine. The colourd hemp fabrics and twines are hand dyed with natural raw materials. These raw materials have been used for both herbal medicines & dyes for centuries. The himalayan hemp has also been harvested, retted, hand-spun & hand-woven in the remote villages of Nepal much in the same way as it has always been done.

Harro Indigo is sold out.

13cm x 20cm x 4cm

Fabric: Hemp
Lining fabric: Cotton
Woven handle: Hemp

Natural Dyes
Madder Pink: Madder root
Pome Green, Pome Yellow: Pomegranate peel
Harro Indigo: Myrobalan fruit, Indigo leaf
Indigo Blue: Indigo leaf