Soap Nuts


A kind alternative to regular detergents!
Our soap nuts are an environmentally friendly option for those with allergies to chemical detergents.

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Sourced in the Himalayas, these soap nuts grow on the tree ‘sapindus mukorossi’ and contain saponin, which is a 100% natural alternative to chemical laundry detergents. Soapnuts create mild suds with the release of saponins when in contact with water. Being both effective and gentle, they are perfect for cleaning all fabrics dyed with traditional natural dyes.

Put approximatley 15g to 20g of shells in the cotton pouch provided and tie firmly.
For warm or hot washes, simply toss the pouch into your washing machine with your clothing. For cool washes, first soak the pouch in hot water for a couple of minutes to activate the saponin Dry after use and reuse for upto three washes or until soap nuts loose their soapy feel when wet.

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