Silk Mocco Pants


Our 2016 new range of mocco pants are tailored from undyed silk cotton fabric. Mocco Pants are ladies' underwear inspired by “Mocco Fundoshi”, a traditional Japanese underwear.

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A sliding knot on the left side loosens the waist cord allowing for easy dressing and a comfortable fit. The excess cord is tucked into the waistband allowing you to wear them with confidence. They are an easy transition from regular underwear with elastic waistbands, although wearing them for several hours at home or at night will help you get used to this new style.

Our fabrics for these are handloomed by experienced Nepalese craftsman with the outer fabric natural dyed and the lining undyed.

Delicate soaps (eg.soapnuts) are required for washing all naturally dyed garments as regular detergants are too alkaline. Any soap designed for use with silk and wool is ideal.

UK Dress Size 10-14

Fabric: 72% Silk 28% Cotton
Lining Fabric: Organic Cotton

Natural Dyes
Madder Pink: Madder root