Round Neck Kurta Top


A simple round neck top tailored from natural dyed hemp organic cotton.

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A simple round neck top tailored from breathable natural dyed fabrics.

An organic cotton has been blended with hemp for the teal colour, but a regular cotton has been blended with hemp for the pale yellow. Another difference between the two garments is that the pale yellow fabric has been woven with a natural dyed weft thread and an undyed warp thread, whereas the teal fabric has been natural dyed after weaving. The pale yellow fabric is also thinner & lighter than the teal.

Both fabrics are hand loomed by Nepalese weavers on a traditional wooden loom.

For washing, please follow the Care Instructions on our GUIDE.

Measurement (One Size)
Bust: 115cm
Length: 68cm
Sleeve Length: 54cm
Arm Hole: 52cm

Teal : 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton
Pale Yellow : 55% Hemp 45% Cotton

Natural Dyes
Teal : Myrobalan fruit & Indigo leaf
Pale Yellow
: Myrobalan fruit for weft 


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