Rainbow moonstone
Rainbow moonstone
Rainbow moonstone
Rainbow moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone


This attractive pendant has been made from a shaped and polished piece of Rainbow Moonstone. With a crystal stone bead that slides along the cord, it is possible to adjust the height of the pendant around your neck. Beautifully encased using macrame and then corded. Both ends of the cord have been decorated with gemstones.

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“The Stone Of Divine Inspiration”, Moonstone crystals come in a variety of colours and have been used in jewellery for over 2000 years. The rainbow coloured stone is the most highly regarded, due to its many special qualities. When you move these stones around often you will see beautiful colours reflected back at you. Moonstones are the birthstone for both June and July.

Cord Length: 80cm
Pendant Length: 2.5cm

Pendant: Rainbow Moonstone
Other Beads: Various Semi-Precious Stones
Cord: Rayon