Rainbow Hike Bell-Bottom Pants


Our pretty trousers are made of breathable fabrics and enjoyable all year around.

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The pattern has been created to allow for walking with long strides. The decorative rainbow motifs are crochetted and attached inside the round opening of each side pocket. The plain fabrics forming the inside leg and the garment’s front and back have been fabric dyed (dyed after being handloomed). The flecked fabrics used for the sides have been yarn dyed prior to weaving.

Walnut Brown: Many thanks, sold out.

For washing, please follow the Care Instructions on our GUIDE.

Length: 96cm
Waist: 90cm
Hip: 100cm
Inside Legs: 78cm
Thigh: 30cm

Fabric: 55% Hemp 45% Cotton
Crochet Yarn: Cotton

Natural Dyes
Green – Pomegranate peel, Walnut husk
Brown – Walnut husk, Indigo leaf
Yarn: Acacia resin, Pomegranate peel