Nijimaru Long Skirt
Nijimaru Long Skirt
Nijimaru Long Skirt
Nijimaru Long Skirt

Niji Maru Long Skirt


A breathable long skirt allowing freedom of movement.

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The decorative rainbow motif has been crochetted and tailored into the round opening of the front pocket. Fastening is made up of a slit at the front and an adjustable fabric string hemmed into the waist. Three coconut buttons illustrate the transition from new moon to full moon.

The lining, which comes down to just above the knees, has a slit that allows you to move freely. All of these fabrics were handloomed by craftsmen in Nepal.

For washing, please follow the Care Instructions on our GUIDE.

Waist: 90cm
Hip: 100cm
Length: 83cm

Fabric: 55% Hemp 45% Cotton
Lining: Cotton & 55% Hemp 45% Cotton
Crochet Yarn: Cotton
Coconut Buttons

Natural Dyes
Fabric: Pomegranate peel, Walnut husk, Madder root
Yarn: Madder root, Pomegranate peel, Acacia resin