Nettle 3ply 30g
Nettle 3ply 30g
Nettle 3ply 30g

Nettle Cordage 3ply

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Organic 3ply hand spun cordage crafted from 100% Himalayan Giant Nettle.


These undyed 3ply cordages have been harvested and spun by the craftspeople of Nepal’s remote villages. They are perfect for use in the garden, home and many organic craft applications. Nettle is an incredible fibre that is as beautiful as it is strong and this hand spun cordage can provide a rustic feel for wide variety of projects.

The production process for this cordage is pretty much done in the same way today as it has always been done. Due to the handmade nature, slight variation in both shade and thickness should be expected.

Himalayan Nettle

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