Natural Dyed Wool Jumper
Natural Dyed Wool Jumper
Natural Dyed Wool Jumper
Natural Dyed Wool Jumper

Natural Dyed Wool Jumper


  • Made from natural dyed pure wool
  • Hand knitted in Nepal
  • Simple & Warm
  • Unisex Design
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A classic unisex jumper hand knitted in Nepal using natural dyed pure wool.

Our jumpers have been double knitted in a pure wool yarn using a stockinette stitch. These simple jumpers provide warmth as an extra layer through all seasons. Available in a teal colour achieved from the raw material of Myrobalan & Indigo dye crystals.

Please see the average measurements below. As each piece is hand knitted, they are virtually unique and a difference of a couple of centimetres should be expected. The jumpers being modelled in the photo are a Large and Small.

Due to using finely powdered myrobalan as the dye, the wool fibres trap some of the powder.  Although the yarn has been rinsed before knitting and the finished jumpers have been washed, traces of myrobalan will be present initially. We’d recommend avoiding to wear these jumpers in contact with white garments until there are no signs of any colour transfer.

For washing, please follow the Care Instructions on our GUIDE.

100% Wool

Approximate Measurement (cm)

CHEST 100 106 114 126
LENGTH 65 70 72 74
SLEEVE 53 58 64 65
ARMHOLE 43 50 52 54
SHOULDER 43 48 53 55