Natural Dyed Hand Woven Shawls


Large natural dyed plain weave shawls hand woven from wool, hemp and organic cotton.

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A very gentle and warm touch to the skin, these beautifully natural dyed shawls are handwoven by Nepalese skilled weavers.  Pome Yellow is lighter and larger than the other two as it’s woven with machine spun hemp and organic cotton blended thread for warp and a wool thread for weft, whereas the Indigo Teal and Walnut Brown are woven with each thread for both warp and weft.

They are all a useful size for draping over the shoulders as well as loosely wrapping around the neck.

50% Wool
30% Hemp
20% Organic Cotton

Measurement : Pome Yellow / Indigo Teal & Walnut
Length: 200cm / 184cm
Width: 70cm / 57cm

*All measurements are approx.

Natural Dye
Pome Yellow : Pomegranate Peel
Indigo Teal : Myrobalan, Indigo
Walnut Brown : Walnut Husk