Monpe Thai Pants -Half-
Monpe Thai Pants -Half-
Monpe Thai Pants -Half-
Monpe Thai Pants -Half-
Monpe Thai Pants -Half-
Monpe Thai Pants -Half-
Monpe Thai Pants -Half-

Monpe Thai Pants -Half-


  • Handwoven fabrics
  • Natural dyed
  • Rustic yet sturdy unisex trousers

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Our unisex Monpe thai pants are beautifully tailored from two different kinds of handwoven fabrics.  The outer striped fabric has been woven from undyed handspan Himalayan nettle and a pale blue organic cotton. This pale blue was achieved using the natural dyes Indigo & Myrobalan. The trouser’s waist band and the lining is a plain fabric handwoven using undyed organic cotton.

The trouser’s bottom is gathered & stitched with a band to allow more freedom of movement. Waist adjustment and fastening are by a fabric strap attached at the back of the trousers and each pair features slit pockets on both sides.

These rustic yet sturdy trousers are just as good for stretching exercises as they are for relaxing.
If you are new to this style of trousers,  please refer to the wearing illustration below. You can simply tie a knot at the front or tuck the straps in if you prefer a flatter feel around the waist.

For washing instructions, please follow our GUIDE.

Length (waist band to the bottom) : 80cm
Width: 54cm

Main Fabric :  50% Himalayan Handspan Nettle, 50% Organic Cotton,
Waist & Lining Fabric : Organic Cotton

Natural Dye
Main Fabric : Indigo & Myrobalan

How to wear Monpe Thai Pants ; Tying options

How to wear thai fisherman trousers

1. Put on the pants so that the belt strings are hanging at the back.
2. With the pant legs at the desired length, pull the excess waist to one side.
3. Fold the excess waist to the front and hold it in place.
4. With your free hand, locate the belt strings. Tie a bow in front to hold the fold in place.
5. Fold the excess cloth down over the belt strings.

Thai fisherman pants instructions