Mini Rigid Heddle


Sorazora’s mini rigid heddle has been beautifully crafted from a Nepalese hardwood.

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The rigid heddle dates back to ancient times in many parts of the world and is used to weave narrow bands for either straps or decoration on clothing.

All that are needed to start weaving are the heddle, weft stick and twine of your choice. Printed instructions included with the tool will explain how to set up and use your new heddle. This simple, yet effective device helps seperate alternate threads enabling you to weave effortlessly between them.

Sorazora’s mini rigid heddle has been handcrafted from a Nepalese hardwood called ‘Saz’, a large sub-tropical Himalayan tree found upto altitudes of 1200m. It comes with a weft stick and clear instructions printed on lokta paper in a handy little pouch. The heddle has 4mm holes and can accomodate 19 warp threads.

Due to the raw material’s texture and the handmade nature of these craft tools, some variation in tone and texture may occur.

The horn heddle has SOLD OUT.

Horn Heddle: 10cm x 5.5cm
Horn Weft Stick: 9cm length
Wood Heddle: 12cm
Wood Weft Stick: 10.5cm