Mini Coin Case


An organic mini coincase available in hemp and nettle fibres.
We’ve given these coincases a wide circular base to make it easy to see what’s inside at a glance.

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Undyed handspun hemp or nettle twines have been crochetted to form the coincase’s base. The main fabric has been handwoven with the same handspun himalayan hemp or nettle twine. The hemp fabrics are handyed with natural raw materials. These raw materials have been used for both herbal medicines & dyes for centuries. The himalayan hemp and nettle has also been harvested, retted, hand-spun & hand-woven in the remote villages of Nepal much in the same way as it has always been done.

Our nettle coincases are available in the natural undyed shade only, whereas the hemp coincases come in both natural and a range of earthy colours. The hemp cotton fabric lining varies and may differ from the images shown.
An ideal gift of nature.

Hemp Pome Green & Acacia Brown are now sold out.

Length: 12cm
Depth: 7cm
Base Diameter: 8cm

Fabric: Hemp (except for Nettle Natural: Nettle)
Crochet Twine: Hemp (except for Nettle Natural: Nettle)
Lining fabric : 55% Hemp 45% Cotton

Natural Dyes
Madder Pink: Madder root
Pome Green, Pome Yellow: Pomegranate peel
Harro Indigo: Myrobalan fruit, Indigo leaf
Acacia Brown: Acacia resin