Matka Silk Shawl


A gentle and warm touch to the skin, these nicely handwoven silk shawls are made from Indian Matka Silk by Nepalese skilled weavers using a machinespun thread for warp and a handspun thread for weft. Using a twill weave makes the texture smoother to the touch.
The wonderfully textured surface is due to the nature of the hanspun silk thread.

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These beautiful shawls have been hand dyed using natural raw materials, including Nepalaese traditional medicinal plants.
These earthy colours will compliment our natural dyed garments. Although already soft, these shawls will soften further with wear.

Length: 196cm (excluding tassels)
Width: 65cm

Natural Dyes
Pome Indigo Green: Pomegranate peel, Indigo leaf
Lac Pink: Lac resin
Walnut Brown: Walnut husk