Loose Parts


Hand carved bone parts to add an original touch to any craft project.

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Each of our original craft parts have been individually hand carved from buffalo bone and are ready to add a personalised touch to anything from garments and bags to a multitude of craft projects.

Due to the raw material’s texture and the handmade nature of these parts, some variation in tone, texture and appearance may occour.

Shanti Leaf: 38mm Length
Love peace moon: 35mm Diameter
Smiley mush: 45mm Length
Dreamy flower: 35mm Width
Hempeace: 46mm Length
Lovepeace: 40mm Width
Kinokoyama: 35mm Length
Yamagami: 32mm Length
No War: 38mm Diameter
Umi: 34mm Length
Kawa: 32mm Length