Lokta Notebook


A timeless organic notebook! Available in six colours and two sizes, these earthy notebooks have been crafted in Nepal using traditional lokta paper and handspun, handwoven Himalayan Hemp or Giant Himalayan Nettle.

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The beautifully textured 40 pages are medium weight, 20gsm and covered in either an undyed nettle, undyed hemp or natural dyed hemp. The combination of natural fibre fabric and traditional paper make these notebooks appear completely timeless.

From harvesting the hemp or nettle through retting and handspinning to the completion of the fabric on a handloom is a very time consuming process and still carried out in the remote villages of the Himalayas in the same way as it has been done for centuries.

Lokta paper is the local name of traditional paper made from the bark of ‘Daphne Cannabina’. The bark is found at an altitude of between 2000m and 3500m. This indigenous handmade paper is renowned for its durability and is steeped in history. The oldest available buddhist manuscripts and royal documents are recorded on lokta paper. It is still made in the same way today.

40 pages
Size: A5 / A6
Book Thickness: 15-17mm
Paper Thickness: 20gsm

Pages: Himalayan Lokta Paper
Cover Fabric: Hemp or Nettle

Natural Dyes
Pome Green: Pomegranate Peel
Acacia Brown: Acacia resin
Indigo Blue: Indigo leaf
Madder Pink: Madder root