Linen Yoga Mat


Light weight, easy to keep clean and so natural to the touch.

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Measuring approximately 185cm long and 72cm wide, our yoga mat has been tailored using linen and cotton canvas. The textured linen upper has been woven using various shades of undyed linen thread, whereas the backing cotton canvas fabric has been dyed with either myrobaran fruit (Charcoal) or Indigo (Indigo).

A thin layer of quilting provides enough comfort whilst keeping weight and volume to a minimum. Two lengthy cords act as both a closure for the rolled mat and a simple carry strap when tied together, so no need for a seperate carry case. weighing in at approximately 1190g, it as easy to carry as it is to wash.

The indigo dyed canvas has a unique mottled effect due to the nature of the hand dying process. This is less obvious in the charcoal canvas, but both will eventually reveal a stonewash appearance after machine washing.

Length: 185cm
Width: 72cm
Weigh: 1190g

Top Fabric: Linen
Bottom Fabric: Cotton
Quilting: Acrylic

Natural Dyes
Charcoal: Myrobalan fruit
Indigo: Indigo leaf