Komorebi Dungarees


Earth friendly textures and colours from natural dyes…
…combine to form dungarees like our Komorebi.

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Komorebi means “the sun streaming through the leaves of trees”. These straight line dungarees comprise of two different fabrics, a hemp and cotton blended fabric and a Himalayan nettle and cotton blended woven fabric. Available in three different shades.

The shoulder straps and the button hole strip are crocheted with hemp and cotton blended yarn and linen. The upper body’s curved patches give a cozy ambience.

The perfect choice for an active lifestyle with a touch of elegance…!!!

Pomegranate Green : SOLD OUT

For washing, please follow the Care Instructions on our GUIDE.

Length: 138cm
Chest: 96cm
Low Waist: 100cm
Arm Hole: 50cm
Thigh: 31cm
Inside Leg: 66cm

Main fabric: 72% Cotton 28% Hemp
Patches & Pocket fabric : 50% Nettle, 50% Cotton
Button holes & shoulder strap : 55% Hemp 45% Cotton, Linen
Coconut buttons

Natural Dyes
Catechu brown… Acacia resin, Pomegranate peel
Lac pink… Lac resin, Indigo leaf
Pomegranate green… Pomegranate peel, Indigo leaf