Kinchaku Pouch


A simple Japanese style draw string pouch, “Kinchaku” meaning “draw string pouch”. These “Kinchaku” utility pouches have been crafted from hemp cotton blended fabrics and are ideal for carrying your daily essentials, travel items, valuables etc.



In the Japanese Edo period (1603-1868), people carried this style of pouch on their Kimono’s waist belt. The simple design and earthy fabrics make these great for both guys and girls.

The draw cord is hand twisted from handspun Himalayan Giant Nettle thread and finished off with soapnut beads. The coloured fabrics are handloomed after hand dyeing with natural raw materials. These raw materials have been used for both herbal medicines & dyes for centuries.

Pome Indigo and Flecked Indigo are now sold out.

30cm x 25cm

Fabric: 55% Hemp 45% Cotton
*except for Pastel Stripe: Cotton
Lining fabric: Cotton
Draw Cord: Nettle
Beads: Soapnut Seeds

Natural Dyes
Pome Green: Pomegranate peel, Indigo leaf
Pome Yellow: Pomegranate peel
Pome Indigo: Pomegranate peel, Indigo leaf
Flecked Indigo: Walnut husk, Indigo leaf
Himalayan Stripe: Himalayan Rhubarb root, Walnut husk, Myrobalan fruit, Indigo leaf
Pastel Stripe: Myrobalan fruit, Pomegranate peel, Indigo leaf