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Bone Arrowhead Pendants

Horn & Bone Pendants


These cute pendants have been handcrafted from buffalo bone and buffalo horn.


Hand carved bone and horn pendants.

These two simple designs have each been carved from buffalo horn and buffalo bone. Both the stylised arrowhead and tooth pendants have a hole allowing them to be threaded onto a cord for either a necklace or keyholder. If you wish to alter the colour of the bone pendants, a soak in tea leaves will darken the surface due to the levels of tanin, creating a creamy off-white. Horn can also be altered by briefly applying a high heat, this will effectively burn the surface leaving a slighty rough brown, that will require sanding back to a smooth finish.

Due to the raw material’s texture and the handmade nature of these pendants, some variation in tone and appearance may occur.

Tooth Length: Ave. 65mm
Arrowhead Length: Ave. 48mm

White: Buffalo Bone
Black: Buffalo Horn