Nettle Organic Cotton Stripe Fabric


Handwoven organic fabric crafted from natural dyed wild nettle & organic cotton.

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This extraordinary fabric has been hand woven using a handspan Himalayan nettle yarn for the weft and an organic cotton for the warp. The 5 different natural dyed colours of nettle yarn create a charming stripe that harmonises with the undyed white cotton to show a beautiful herringbone pattern.  This weighty fabric has an earthy feel that is great for both home decor and craft projects.

The minimum length available is half a metre. All multiple orders will be left as a continuous length.

Please be aware that this fabric is loomstate, which means it has come straight off the loom. We strongly recommended that you pre-wash this fabric on a cool wash (using a delicate soap if necessary) prior to tailoring as a small percentage of shrinkage is to be expected.

Width : 89 cm
Warp : Organic Cotton
Weft : Nettle

Natural Dye
Madder, Pomegranate, Myrobalan, Indigo, Acacia


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