Himalayan Material Backpack


This is the best Backpack we’ve offered to date. We’re pleased to introduce this product from “HIMALAYAN MATERIAL”, a Japanese maker who creates various bags using Nepalese traditional fibres. It’s amazingly earthy & practical.



This bag combines the Nepalese natural fibres, hemp & nettle. Both fabrics have been handmade in the same way for centuries in Nepalese remote villages. The front panel is nettle fabric and other parts, such as the strap and side panels, are hemp. All the colours are hand dyed with natural raw materials, including Nepalese medicinal plants such as Myrobalan, Himalayan Rhubarb, and Pomegranate Peel.

The inside of the bag is nicely lined with a durable undyed cotton, with a seperate slit pocket attached that’s useful for essentials or tablet PCs. At the front of the bag, there is another seperate double-zipper compartment, also useful for placing essentials or notebooks. On both sides an Afghan knitted pocket with natural dyed cotton and undyed handspun hemp are located, perfect for carrying water bottles or a small flask. A sturdy loop attached above each side pocket provide the option of attaching other items to the bag’s outer. A cotton fabric printed with the traditional Japanese symbol for hemp is used for piping along the main zipper and at the top of each side pocket. Original YKK zippers have been used for durability. All zip pulls and side pocket drawstrings are hand twisted cords crafted from handspun hemp.

Padded foam is stitched inside back panel and shoulder straps for comfort when used for long durations. Shoulder straps handwoven from handspun hemp are fully adjustable.

Pome Green, Pome Yellow, Himalayan Rhubarb are sold out.

Length: 55 cm
Width: 29 cm
Depth: 12 cm

Fabrics: Hemp & Nettle, Lining- Cotton
Yarn: Hemp, Cotton
Brass Buckles

Natural Dyes
Pome Yellow & Pome Green: Pomegranate peel
Madder Pink: Madder root
Lac Pink: Lac resin
Light Indigo: Indigo leaf
Rhubarb Yellow: Himalayan Rhubarb root