Himalayan Beeswax


A handy sized block of Himalayan beeswax that will go a long way.

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Wax has many craft uses, but it’s main function as a craft material at Sorazora is for waxing threads. As our twines and threads are made from natural fibres, we only use natural beeswax as opposed to the more common parafin waxes that have been highly processed. Our Himalayan beeswax has been sourced from farmed hives within the Kathmandu valley.

If you wish to make a strong durable cordage from multiple threads, it is always a good idea to give each thread a light coating of wax prior to twisting. You do not need to melt the beeswax, but a warm environment will soften the wax and make the coating of threads much easier. Simply floss the thread lightly over the wax and you should feel a difference immediately. Handspun threads and twines tend to twist up upon themselves, this is drastically reduced if coated. Wax coating threads prior to any macrame craft will not only give the finished product a longer lifespan, it will also be easier to work with as unwanted knots are more forgiving to untangle if coated. Any leather stitching or book binding threads will also benifit from wax coating.

Approx. 77g