Hemp Thai Pants : Medium
Hemp Thai Pants : Medium
Hemp Thai Pants : Medium
Hemp Thai Pants : Medium
Hemp Thai Pants : Medium

Hemp Thai Pants : Medium


  • 100% hemp thai fisherman trousers

  • Simple unisex design
  • Comfortable, durable and easy to wear
  • Unbleached & undyed
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Our simple Thai pants are beautifully tailored from a sturdy machine-woven 100% hemp fabric. This fabric is unbleached, undyed, durable and will gradually soften with wear. The crotch of the trousers comfortably allows for a wide stride and freedom of movement. Ideal wear for the UK summer or for all year round lounging at home.

We’ve produced these Thai pants in Medium size only. The trousers tend to cover a range of waist sizes due to wide waisteband being folded to fit before tying. Please refer to the measurement details below and care instructions through the following link.

Care Instruction GUIDE.

Approximate Actual Measurements
(M size only)
Length (Waist band to the bottom ) : 100cm
Waist : -118cm (this is the actual measurement before folding to fit)
Inside Legs : 68cm
Thigh width : 38cm


100% Hemp

How to Wear Thai Pants

1. Put on the pants so that the belt strings are hanging at the back.
2. With the pant legs at the desired length, pull the excess waist fabric to one side.
3. Fold the excess waist to the front and hold it in place.
4. With your free hand, locate the belt strings. Then tie a bow in front to hold the fold in place.
5. Fold the excess cloth down over the belt strings.