Hemp/Nettle Back Scrub


Handcrafted back scrubs, made in both Nettle and Hemp.



These handcrafted back scrubs are made from the either Nettle or Hemp.

The one made of nettle is handknitted, whereas the one made of hemp is hand knotted. Although both fibres will soften through use, nettle fibre is much softer to start with than hemp.

Both hemp and nettle are found in abundance in the wild in Nepal, where harvesting, retting, handspinning and handcrafting the fibres are all done by villagers.  A totally organic product and great for washing and gently exfoliating the body.

Natural shades vary, giving each piece its own earthy character.

Length x Width (Approx.)
Hemp : 90 cm x 7 cm
Nettle : 60 cm x 10 cm