Hemp Cotton Yarn 2018Hemp Cotton Yarn 2018

Hemp Cotton Yarn 2018


Natural dyed blended yarns of hemp & cotton



Adding to our range of natural dyed yarns, this blend of hemp and cotton produces a great texture.
With a range of beautiful natural colours to choose from, they are ideal for crochet, knitting and many other organic craft projects. This yarn knits up similar to double knit, but we always recommend you to knit up a tension guage if following a pattern.

Approx. 50g
Approx. Double Knit
50% Hemp, 50% Cotton

Natural Dyes

  1. Natural: SOLD OUT
  2. Harro Indigo: Myrobalan fruit, Indigo leaf
  3. Madder Pink: Madder root
  4. Rhubarb Brown: Himalayan Rhubarb root
  5. Pome Yellow: Pomegranate peel
  6. Pome Green: Pomegranate peel


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