Handwoven Shawl

A practical shawl in lovely soft natural colours!

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These soft, yet durable, hemp cotton shawls would make an attractive accessory to any earthy outfit and the more you wear it, the softer it will become.

One of the shawls is named (“Zakuro” is the Japanese word for pomegranate) as it is from pomegranate peel that this shawls beautiful yellow colour comes from. This handloomed design by sorazora uses simple random lines of light blue and pink to give the shawl a soft & warm impression.

The other one, Palette, as the name would suggest, this beautiful shawl successfully illustrates the shades and tones available from just five natural dyes. By using the yarn from five different dyebaths as the warp and then using those same combinations as the weft, the resulting hand woven shawl goes to show how different natural dyes are all in tune with each other.

Our dye master and weavers in Nepal have done us proud in bringing our design to reality, just seeing the warp loaded through the loom gave us cause for excited anticipation.

Width: 88cm
Length: Zakuro 196cm, Palette 215cm (excluding 6cm tassels)

55% Hemp 45% Cotton

Natural Dyes
Zakuro; Pomegranate peel, Myrobalan fruit, Indigo leaf, Lac resin
Palette; Madder root, Acacia resin, Pomegranate peel, Myrobalan fruit, Indigo leaf