Hacarame Calendar 2023
Hacarame Calendar 2023
Hacarame Calendar 2023
Hacarame Calendar 2023

Hacarame Moon Calendar 2023


A stunning 12 page lunar calendar from Japan!
A4 :  £17 SOLD OUT
B4 :  £20 SOLD OUT

PRE-ORDER FOR 2024 will start in September 2023.
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Each page is a calendar month in a clear design that allows you to follow the wax and wane of the moon. Traditional Japanese festivals, events and auspicious dates are all beautifully illustrated, although completely in Japanese and relating to Japan time (GMT+9). We are pleased to introduce to the UK a very limited quantity of these calendars.

These calendars have been crafted by a Japanese couple who call themselves Hacarame. More information about the couple and these calendars is available in Japanese only through the link below.


This calendar has been printed on a paper known as ‘yoshi-shi’ in Japan. It’s a paper made from ‘yoshi’, a common perennial read (Phragmites australis), that grows throughout temperate and tropical regions of the world. The reed fibres used for these calendars have been harvested from beside Lake Biwa in Japan’s Shiga prefecture

12 Page Calendar
A4 :  £17
B4 :  £20
Pages : Yoshi Paper