Drawstring Kinchaku Ruck


A wholesome backpack with a classic style crafted from the fibres of the Himalayan Giant Nettle.


This timeless backpack is our homage to one of our favourite fibres, the humble nettle.

The outer fabrics used are both handwoven with handspun organic nettle and has been nicely lined with a durable undyed cotton canvas  featuring an inner pocket. The crochet shoulder straps are also made from nettle and serve as both the drawstring fastener and the carry straps.  This sturdy bag crafted from organic fabrics has the ultimate earthy feel and will soften beautifully through use.

The nettle fibres have been hand retted and hand spun in the remote Nepalese villages in exactly the same way as it has been done for centuries.

Length 45cm
Base Diameter 25cm

Outer Fabric & Straps : Nettle
Lining Fabric : Cotton