Chobi Sleeve TunicChobi Sleeve Tunic

Chobi Sleeve Tunic


A tiny sleeved ladies’ top crafted from natural dyed organic cotton & hemp.



A simple cut & round neck summer top with draping shoulder sleeves, tailored from two different breathable fabrics in the choice of three earthy colours, two plain and one striped . These are one size and boast excellent air circulation, making them ideal for summer days.

The fabrics for Yellow and Beige are a twill weave using an organic cotton & hemp blended yarn creating a very soft touch to the skin. The earthy Pome Yellow colour is achieved from pomegranate peel dye for the both warp and weft.
The feminine Madder Beige colour is achieved from a blend of two different shades of natural dyed yarns, madder root provides the pink coloured warp yarns and safflower for the yellow we have weft.

The fabric for Indigo Stripe is a plain weave from combining yarns dyed with indigo and natural undyed yarns.

All these fabrics have been hand loomed by Nepalese weavers on a traditional wooden loom. Although these fabrics have been hot washed to  remove maximum shrinkage prior to tailoring, we recommend a delicate wash up to 30 degrees to help keep the colours for longer.  For washing, please follow the care instructions on our GUIDE.

Measurement  (One size only)
Bust : 120cm
Length : 70cm
Arm Hole : 50cm
Side Slits : 10cm

Pome Yellow & Madder Beige
70% Organic Cotton
30% Hemp

Indigo Stripe
55% Hemp
45% Organic Cotton

Natural Dyes
Pome Yellow : Pomegranate
Madder Beige : Madder, Safflower
Indigo Stripe : Indigo


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